"Our Way” – Hadassah School Launches
the School’s Code of Ethics

The staff of Hadassah School, run by Edna Pinchover, is launching the school’s new code of ethics. There are four core values in the school’s new Code of Ethics: faith in others, holistic practice, integrity, and professionalism and excellence. Dr. Avigdor Kaplan, director of Hadassah Medical Center: In the face of difficult challen...ges and dilemmas, this new code of ethics expresses important values, which should be shared by all of us, regardless of gender, race, or religion. These core values are extremely suited for Hadassah – our school staff is exceptional in that they teach and educate children of different ages, and from different backgrounds.”

The launch took place yesterday (Wednesday) at Hadassah Ein Kerem. It was attended by MK Amram Mitzna, chairman of the Knesset Education, Culture and Sport Committee; Dr. Avigdor Kaplan, director of Hadassah Medical Center; Dr. Yuval Weiss, deputy director; Ms. Ruthie Mizrachi, deputy director of the Ministry of Education’s Jerusalem region; and Ms. Edna Pinchover, director of the Hadassah School.

MK Amram Mitzna stated “the ongoing activities of the Hadassah School are both interesting and moving, and when you add the new code of ethics, they are also challenging. Being able to uphold the code, combining education and schooling at a hospital for children and families in distress, for whom education is not always on their mind, requires you, the teachers and staff, to be both flexible and sensitive. You are an integral part of this hospital – you don’t just educate the children, but are a part of their healing and recovery. You enable them the ability to return to their schools faster and acclimate to everyday life more seamlessly. I have only praise your important work.”

The Hadassah School has a multicultural student population, which includes students of all ages. These students are patients of Hadassah Medical Center, hospitalized while receiving treatment. Most of the children are only hospitalized for a short period of time, and so their time at the school is short – but significant. The school’s staff includes teachers, teaching assistants, and volunteers; our staff is also multicultural and includes teachers and educators from a variety of backgrounds and religions – Jewish, Arab, religious and secular.

Our school encourages the natural development of the child and strengthens their feelings of control. The school operates in the Pediatric Ward of Hadassah Medical Center, and is open to all children who are hospitalized, regardless of age, religion, gender, and length of hospitalization. Our school system is complex – our institution operates within the framework of a medical center. We believe in and integrate cooperation with all the different factors and departments in the hospital to provide our students the best quality of life possible and encourage their recovery. Due to the complexity of our institution, director Edna Pinchover led a campaign, together with a special committee for the composition of the code of ethics, to compose the school’s code of ethics. The committee members are Ella Avrami – teacher coordinator for the Psychiatric Ward; Dorit David – teacher’s assistant; Yasmine Salah –teacher; Yifat Achrak – teacher; Mira Kalaf-Asulin – deputy director; Salima Ibrahim – teacher coordinator for the Department of Pediatric Surgery; and Rachel Jacobson – art therapist.

This code of ethics was composed with the intention of outlining a set of values which would provide a safe, fair, and balanced environment for all children regardless of culture and background.

The code of ethics highlights the professionalism of our school and addresses a number of questions and situations that have come up in the past. These questions include being able to ensure the safety, respect and self-value of the students; encouraging and empowering positive traits among the students and staff; cooperation within a multicultural staff; and more.

Throughout the code’s composition and formulation, the committee strived to compose a code that would take into consideration the nature of a person–strengths and weaknesses. The code was composed with the help of the Center of Ethics, run by Daniel Milo, and under the guidance of Dr. Shai Nehushtan. The code aims to encourage constant dialogue during times of conflicts, act as a reference in times of question or uncertainty, and encourage the staff to examine themselves and their work.

Four core values were determined during the composition of the code of ethics: faith in others, holistic practice, integrity, and professionalism and excellence. These values will guide the staff as they continue their important work.See More
— at Hadassah Hospital Ein Karem.